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Virtual Private Servers

Secure and Ultra Fast Linux Servers

Managed Virtual Private Servers

Whether you need complete control over the server, you need complete privacy, or you need to run custom services and web applications, our Virtual Private Servers are perfect for you. We can customize all aspects of the operating system.

Your VPS is power packed with our Managed VPS service. Managed VPS includes initial setup and basic security, DNS or nameserver setup, server configuration and updates, firewall setup and configuration, installation and configuration of any third party plugins. **

Custom VPS packages are also available. Please contact us or chat with us.
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Monthly Pricing ₱2,400.00
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    Disk Space Allocation 30GB 45GB 80GB 160GB
    Usable Disk Space ~23GB ~38GB ~73GB ~153GB
Monthly Bandwidth 2TB 3TB 4TB 5TB
Guaranteed RAM 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB
Fair Share CPU Yes Yes Yes Yes
Included IPv4 Address 1 Main IP 1 Main IP 1 Main IP 1 Main IP
Node Speed 100Mbps 100Mbps 100Mbps 100Mbps
OS Install and Reloads Yes Yes Yes Yes
cPanel/WHM License Additional Additional Additional Additional
Monthly Pricing ₱2,400.00/mo
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Quarterly Pricing ₱7,200.00 ₱10,950.00 ₱18,450.00 ₱29,850.00
Semi-Annual Pricing ₱14,400.00 ₱21,900.00 ₱36,900.00 ₱59,700.00
Annual Pricing ₱28,800.00 ₱43,800.00 ₱73,800.00 ₱119,400.00

** Managed VPS option does not include third party software installation/configuration/troubleshooting, and website design and development. All requests for the management of your VPS must be submitted through support tickets. Managed VPS option is limited to four (4) hours of our administration time per month.

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